Current and Past Partners

2021-2022 Partners



The creators of a mobile app that allows you to create a list of movies you want to watch, search where to stream them, and discover what your friends are watching.


The creators of a high protein, low carb crisp made from egg whites that has been featured on Sharktank.


The Glimpse Group

A group containing 12 unique subsidiary virtual reality & augmented reality companies enabling their subsidiaries to develop better products, shorten times to market, less redundancies, lower costs, and establish significant go-to-market synergies.


 A company focused on AI and machine learning education as well as data science implementation.

MRCS Logo.png

Charles Village Community Benefits District

 A local organization promoting the district we live in. Important services they have are their sanitation team, a security patrol, education, and community events.

Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists

 A consulting partner which aims to work with medical practices to improve their revenue cycle management, medical billing/compliance, and staff development