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Client Portfolio

Fall 2022


MedSetGo ensures reliability, affordability, and convenience within the healthcare system by removing logistical barriers. Its mission is to make healthcare access equal and convenient to all.


Two Boots Farm
A family run farm and floral design studio in Hampstead, Maryland growing a wide variety of cut flowers and produce; including 100 cultivated pawpaw fruit trees. They use only sustainable, ecological practices so that future generations can continue to grow in healthy soil. They work with couples getting married, florists, restaurants in Maryland and DC and sell directly to customers at their weekly farmers’ market.



Almma Health
 A wellness and fitness service that utilizes AI, the intersection of data and community, and behavior change in a simple app to help women make healthier choices.


Galen Robotics
Galen Robotics strives to expand the benefits of microsurgery and surgical robotics by enabling precise surgical maneuvers through human-machine cooperation.


A Johns Hopkins University student startup that won $15,000 during FastForward U’s Demo Day for its fall 2021 Fuel accelerator cohort. InfernoGuard’s technology is an end-to-end monitoring solution for large-scale landowners at high wildfire risk in the US.


Beamlink builds last mile cell networks, decreasing disaster zone network downtimes from months to a matter of days and providing rural clinics and refugee camps better access to healthtech and education.

Tastee Tape
Engineered at Johns Hopkins University, Tastee Tape is an environmentally friendly, fibrous edible scaffold with an organic adhesive meant to hold together burritos and other messy meals.

Spring 2022



The creators of a mobile app that allows you to create a list of movies you want to watch, search where to stream them, and discover what your friends are watching.



The creators of a high protein, low carb crisp made from egg whites that has been featured on Shark Tank.


The Glimpse Group

A group containing 12 unique subsidiary virtual reality & augmented reality companies enabling their subsidiaries to develop better products, shorten times to market, less redundancies, lower costs, and establish significant go-to-market synergies.


 A company focused on AI and machine learning education as well as data science implementation.


Charles Village Community Benefits District

 A local organization promoting the district we live in. Important services they have are their sanitation team, a security patrol, education, and community events.

MRCS Logo.png

Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists

 A consulting partner which aims to work with medical practices to improve their revenue cycle management, medical billing/compliance, and staff development

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